Sunday, 2 September 2012

Welcome to Cyprus

Blog has sadly been dormant for the last year. No excuses, other than a combination of laziness and life just getting in the way. Our recent family holiday to Cyprus will hopefully trigger a resurgence of postings.

Although the trip was a family holiday, I did manage to take myself out and about during the early mornings, whilst the rest of the family slumbered. I'm still sorting through the images taken (mainly birdlife), but here's an opener of a critter that created a bit of a stir around bedtime one day.

On returning to our villa one evening and preparing to shut down for the night, this happy chappy greeted us as we entered our bedroom, resting directly above our bed, ready to pounce on unsuspecting passers by. I've never seen such a monster outside of a zoo, and the family entered panic mode. It was, of course, left to me to try and get rid of the thing. Not wishing to cause any harm (especially to me), I finally managed to capture it in a [large] glass tumbler and remove it as far from the villa as possible - which meant the other side of the swimming pool. Upon release, it procede to chase me around the pool (it could really move!) before running straight into the pool. After rescuing it with the pool net, it was last seen running off through the undergrowth.

Smile for the camera

My efforts to identify the beastie so far suggest it could be a specimen of the Cyprus Tarantula Chaetopelma karlamani.

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