Thursday, 13 September 2012

Great Flocks!

When seen in large flocks, birds create quite a spectacle!

I was made aware of this White Stork flock by a passing motorist while photographing waders along Ladies Mile Beach, to the east of the salt lake. I dashed back to Akrotiri, where I met up with June Neal at the Birdlife Cyprus visitor centre. She kindly allowed me to view the flock through the scopes at the centre, as they ascended from the lake trying to catch the thermals. The total number was estimated at over a thousand. Since they were quite distant, after leaving the centre, I drove over to the military base from where I managed to capture these images. Spectacular sight!

Later in the week, after a busy day baking in the heat, I was setting up the BBQ to cook the evening meal, when I was startled by the cries of a flock of over 60 cranes flying close to the villa. Dashing inside to grab the camera, I assumed they were Common Cranes, but on closer inspection (and after confirmation from web forums) I was chuffed to realise that they were Demoiselle's, a lifer for me. Fantastic!

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