About Me

Kevin Earp

50 something now, with a lifelong passion for wildlife, science and astronomy. I hope you'll also take time to have a look at my astronomy blog "Clear Skies" from the link opposite.


My interest started back in the 60's, with memories of endless Summer holidays and messing about in the Lancashire countryside with my school chums (for the benefit of foreign visitors, this is in the northwest of England, my formative years being spent living in a small village 30 minutes from Liverpool).  Climbing trees, jumping into mountains of straw left over after the harvest, fishing in the ponds in the corners of the local farmers fields, and listening to the wonderful song of the skylarks overhead as we lazed in the sun. Cherished memories.

My mind still drifts back to my childhood Summer days whenever I hear a skylark and, for that reason, it's my favourite bird song.

For my other interests, I enjoy trying to play acoustic guitar, 'though I'm not sure the family get the same enjoyment - mainly blues, ragtime and folky stuff, my music heroes being Eric Bibb, Ralph McTell, Blind Blake and a lot of the old American bluesmen from the 20's and 30's.

I also enjoy researching my family history and can safely confirm that there is not an ounce of royal blood in me, nor any family fame nor fortune for at least the last 200 years.

For my sins I also follow the changing fortunes of my home football club Liverpool (who else).
I now live in Bedfordshire, in a small village just outside Bedford.

I hope you enjoy my blogs. Thanks for looking!