Monday, 2 May 2011


A great name for the order of these attractive little insects - the Damselflies. Not as impressive, perhaps, as their larger cousins, the dragonflies, but a lovely sight to see along the River Great Ouse over the last few days. Emergence seems a bit early this year, probably brought on by the recent mini-heatwave we seem to be enjoying. The river bank is certainly a place where you can easily lose yourself, wandering lazily in the gorgeous sunshine enjoying the wildlife. A few kingfishers darting up and down stream completed the idyllic scene.
The Large Red Damselfly resting on the marsh marigold was our first garden damselfly of the season.

Banded Demoiselle (female)

Banded Demoiselle (male)

Common Blue Damselfly (male)

Large Red Damselfly (male)

Large Red visiting the garden pond

Red-eyed Damselfly (male)

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