Sunday, 27 June 2010

Turkish Delight

A weeks birding around the Tuzla Golu region on the Bodrum peninsula.

Swallowtail (continental sub-species)
Little Owls were everywhere...
Syrian Woodpecker
Black-headed Bunting

Woodchat Shrikes

Masked Shrike

Peregrine lunch...

Turtle Dove

Red-rumped Swallows

House Martin building houses...

These 3 Dalmatian Pelicans were spotted on Bafa Golu, flying South a few days later to Tuzla Golu.

Black-winged Stilt

A bit late in the season to see the masses of Flamingoes that frequent Tuzla lake but, fortunately, a few had decided to stay a while....

Short-toed Eagle

My only view of Rollers, posing atop a construction crane at Ephesus.

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